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Day four of the Beyond The Dish Tour. We leave Narrabri and head South towards Sydney. On the way we reflect on the many acronyms we encountered on the tour.

Day three of the Beyond The Dish Tour. The group swelters in 44 degree heat as we tour the Australia Telescope National Facility 25km west of Narrabri. We are shown through the Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) and the Sydney University Stellar Interferometer (SUSI). Later in the evening we view several objects in the night sky through a 14 inch telescope in our hotel carpark.

Day 2 of the Beyond The Dish Tour. This post describes our day at Siding Spring Observatory. We inspected numerous telescopes, often receiving in-depth commentary from leading astronomers. Later in the evening the group got some hands-on experience with some smaller telescopes at a nearby amateur observatory. Here we were able to explore the objects in the night sky for ourselves.

This post describes the events of day one of the Beyond The Dish tour. We began the day at Sydney University and headed west. After a brief lunch stop at Orange we headed towards Parkes for a tour of the Parkes Radio Telescope.

Beyond The Dish was a four-day, 1500km journey through rural NSW that took our small group behind the scenes at some of Australia’s world-class astronomical installations.