The Newcastle Music Directory is a community based music website that focuses on the music scene in and around Newcastle, NSW. The region is situated on the East coast of Australia about 150km North of Sydney. The website was established in 1999.

From the outset the directory was intended to be geographically focused and as comprehensive as possible. The region covered by the site extends beyond Newcastle to the Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Port Stephens regions, together comprising a population of just over one million inhabitants. This is highlighted on the map below.

Geographical Focus

Geographical Focus of the Newcastle Music Directory

The directory aims to be hyperlocal, i.e. it focuses on coverage of local events to the point of exclusion of events and information from other regions. All of the musicians featured on the website have been based in the area around Newcastle at some time over the past 10 years. Similarly, all venues and businesses featured on the site are located within the Newcastle region.

The Newcastle Music Directory aims to provide the Newcastle region with:

  • a musical identity of its own that bands and artists are proud to identify with;
  • a comprehensive list of current gigs and events;
  • links to locally based websites that relate to the music scene;
  • up-to-date and informative profiles for as many local bands and artists as possible;
  • maps and information about local pubs, clubs and musical venues;
  • an archive historical information about the local music scene for long term reference;
  • a unified voice to highlight the musical talent of the region to people from other areas.

The directory can be found online at