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Until recently I was responsible for running an online gig guide for Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Over the four years that the gig guide operated I published over 60,000 events. Collating and mapping the events was a painstaking task that took many hours each week. Each of the events in the database is accompanied by a […]

The iPhone operating system records a user’s Longitude and Latitude over time. This information can be accessed readily and visualised. This posts describes the process of creating an animation of the location data over time. Most of the co-ordinates were from the Sydney and Hunter regions of NSW, Australia.

Animation of the advancing front delaunay triangulation algorithm. Each of the frames of this animation were generated using PHP and the GD library. The first triangle constructed is called a supertriagnle. It is an equalateral triangle that entirely contains the convex hull of the points to be triangulated. The vertices of this construction will be […]