Beyond The Dish was a four-day, 1500km journey through rural NSW that took our small group behind the scenes at some of Australia’s world-class astronomical installations.

Proposed route for the Beyond The Dish Tour

Proposed Route

First stop was “The Dish”, Parkes Radio Telescope. From Parkes the tour made it’s way North to the Anglo-Australian Observatory at Siding Spring Mountain, Coonabarabran. We then headed to the Australian Telescope Compact Array and the Sydney University Stellar Interferometer at Narrabri before heading back to Sydney.

The trip was lead by of University of Sydney astronomer Dr John O’Byrne, who gave informative commentary throughout the tour.

Whenever I had the chance I wrote about what was happening through the popular microblogging site Twitter. Each of the tweets was tagged with the hashtag #dishtour so I could easily collate them at a later date. For example:

Day 1 of #dishtour. En-route to Parkes … 6:08 AM Nov 19th, 2009

Follow the links below for a detailed description of the four day tour that went “Beyond The Dish”.